what is this, where does it come from and how do i get rid of it??

I am trying to delete directories as there was a stall in uploading them - so I get a 550 error with this stupid little file .pureftpd-upload.45753919.15.6b13.db66cf37 and i am unable to view, edit, rename, basically anything with this file!

Anyone able to shed some light on it??? Please...


To further clarify.. the file is not there when I upload, so it is something that is created in the ftp itself. I am trying to delete it, yet am unable to do so.

I have a licensed version of smartftp, so there should be no problems there?

Has anyone had this happen before? If so, how did you get around it?


Hi, that's server issue, to delete it you must use CPANEL or whatever control panel you use to delete the file if you are the server admin, if no, tell the server admin to delete it.