URL Problem

I can't find the URL for my images so that I can put photo's on my website.

Please help..



Is someone actually going to help me,

How do I find out what the URL is when using SmartFTP so that I can place images on my website?

As the FTP URL (which SmartFTP uses) and HTTP URL (that browsers use) are totally unrelated, you have to simply know the HTTP URL that the FTP URL maps to. There is no point asking for the HTTP URL to your images in this forum.


The question did not say "What is my URL" it asked "HOW DO I FIND" DOH!!! you give useless information

It is pretty obvious people wouldn't know my URL but they would have an idea how I could find out HOW TO find it..

Whether the question is "What is my HTTP URL" or "How do I find out my HTTP URL" does not really matter, both questions are unrelated to FTP in the strict sense. For basic questions related to web hosting, please ask in a web developing forum. This forum is only for questions specific to SmartFTP. At least you should not expect an answer if you still ask other questions. Sorry for these rules, but otherwise the forum would get flooded with HTTP / HTML related questions from web developers, and there are by far enough forums to consult out there already.

@D4PNH: BTW, if you use relative paths in your links, you do not need to know the full URL to your images.