How to delete specific files

My ISP, Colorteck, has installed a limit on the number of items displayed upon signing in. The limit is 2000 entries. I have more entries than that in my main directory. The ISP will not change this parameter. I have files that are beyond the first 2000 that I would like to delete although I don't know their exact names. Does anyone know how to see beyond the first 2000 entries in the main directory? If I can identify the files I want to delete, is there a command that will allow me to delete them specifically? the only other thing I know to do is delete a lot of good files in the main directory to see what is beyond the first 2000 and then go back later and reload all of the good files.

Why no make a folder and move all that files inside?

I remember this problem with one of my old server providers... 1st thing you need to think about is moving, as if they are not willing to work with you, the customer, then they are not worth having. They do this because they have 'overbooked' their server and are taxing the cpu already. The excuse that it is a security risk is just a ploy, as they do not have proper preventive measure up to compensate for this anyway.

now to your question

Read this:

tailor the file, ftp it up, run it from your server

Sometimes we just need to drop 20 and punt