Connecting to my domain host


I'm new at this and looked at the connect tutorial. I tried to connect to my hosts website and it said authentication failed and server closed the connection. Also what does password hidden relate to? I need to upload files from the host to FTP. Please help or ask for clarity.

Hello, I have the same problem.

Everything's been working fine for almost a year. Last week my computer crashed and I had to re install everything. Now it won't let me login.

I know the username and password are the right ones because my friend (who I share the website with) CAN log in......

It really sucks cause now I can't update my website!

What could be the problem?


hmm it seems to be fixed now. I re entered the login/password and this pop up appeared. Can't remember exaclty what it said but I clicked okay (it was going to update something) and from then on I was able to login and upload