Timeout Between File Uploads

Hi, this problem has been happening to me for months, even after I upgraded to version 2.0.997 from version 1.5.989.

Every time a file upload takes longer than 15 minutes, regardless of the file size, the upload will hang up when it reaches the end instead of completing. Eventually I am disconnected due to inactivity, as per my setting.

If I am uploading multiple files from the transfer queue, the other files will not upload until I refresh/reconnect and manually begin uploading again. This means that I can never set multiple large files to upload overnight.

Help? I can usually upload at 62 k/s so I can handle about 45-50 MB before timing out, but for the last week, my upload speed is not working properly, so this is an even bigger problem than usual.

I have looked everywhere for some sort of setting that would say "15 minutes", but I can't find anything.



41857564 bytes transferred. (17.5 KB/s) (00:38:48)
Timeout (120s).
Active Help: https://www.smartftp.com/support/kb/45
Client closed the connection.

** bump **

Can anyone help? My upload speed has come back, but it still times out after uploading a file for more than 15 minutes.

I have had an issue similar to Susan's, but I really only feel it when uploading a single large file (e.g., 100m). It will get through about 25m and then abort. (Guess it may be a server limit imposed by my webhost.) But I am sure glad to have SmartFTP's "resume" function to restart mid-upload.