SFTP not licensed

Yesterday Smart FTP was working very well. I am using the 32bit version of SFT 2.0 with Windows 98SE. I am a private user who now and again uploads files for some charities. I thought I did not have to have a licence to do that. The exact message, in red, is

[09:47:27] sfFTPLib is not licensed. Reinstall the software to fix the problem

So I did that from the saved installation files. Same problem. I uninstalled everything and deleted anything I could find that was left. I downloaded a new installation file. Installed from there. The FTP program knew what I was doing before I removed everything and I still got that message.

What do I do besides go to some other program?


Thanks. That seems to have done the trick.


I have been receiving the same error message every 30 days or so as well. I thought that if I bought the license that it would fix the problem, but no such luck. Even though I now have a license key, the error message " SFTP not licensed" still persists.

Reinstalling the program is no longer fixing the problem, either.

Note you have to install one of the latest builds, not reinstall the build you have. Get a *.1000.3 or later build from my footer.


I use SmartFTP as a private person under Windows 98 (without SE).
It works well, and has a lot more features than I would need, but I like it very much.

What I don