up- or download hangs itself up and cancel


everything works fine, but when i try to upload or download a lot of docs, the process hangs itself up after a while. Here the Log:

[08:59:31] PASV
[08:59:31] 227 Entering Passive Mode (82,165,86,153,250,203).
[08:59:31] Opening data connection to Port: 64203
[08:59:31] RETR 12673t.gif
[08:59:52] Ein Verbindungsversuch ist fehlgeschlagen, da die Gegenstelle nach einer bestimmten Zeitspanne nicht ordnungsgem

New log with new version 2.0.999.26 ... same prob

[12:56:35] 200 PORT command successful
[12:56:35] LIST -aL
[12:56:35] 150 Opening ASCII mode data connection for file list
[12:56:35] Server closed connection
[12:56:35] Transfer failed.