Trying to upload and failing miserably


I have just downloaded SmartFTP and am trying to upload material produced in Microsoft Publisher.

I have finally managed to login to SmartFTP, and have drag and dropped the file I want to upload into the right hand pane [don't know if thats right but I did manage to do it!!] but from there I am really struggling.

On the tutorial under folders it expands from the www address to a folder named htdocs which suggests that I to should be able to locate that folder, but it's not there :-(

Ignoring that and completely blindly I then decided to drag and drop the file to upload from the righthand pane to the bottom pane, which it did, displayed for a few seconds then the log stated upload successful, but where has it gone? When I enter my domain name into my browseraddress bar I get to a page saying I have reached the domain of [me] but that it is not currently in use.

I have logged onto the ftp. page that my ISP supplied and the file shows there named

I suspect I am doing something really really silly and that my info is a bit garbled but do you have any idea what am I doing wrong??

I still haven't solved this issue

Absolutely any advice would be greatly appreciated