I have uploaded my home page. The files appear in the right side of smartFTP's page. yet when i enter my domain name I received a message that my homepage is coming soon. There is also a WS_FTP link that gives instruction on how to upload you page. I have done so but still get the same "homepage coming soon" message.

My homepage has been up for years using bizland.com as my domain server and host. I changed to godaddy.com and haven't been able to get my page to run.

Does anybody have any suggestions on what I should do to activate my homepage using smartFTP?



P.SP.S. My domain name is adkron.net. Put it in the address line, click it and see what I mean.

Make sure you have uploaded a file named "index.html". I does not seem you have done so yet, as http://adkron.net/index.html returns a "Page Not Found" error. However, this is not an FTP related question. Please contact the support of your current hoster instead.