Transfer Queue XML

I'm looking to create Transfer Queue XML files in a separate application to SmartFTP Client. The only problem I have is getting access to the Favoriteid GUID, stored inside the Favorites.dat file.

I've tried Both the Html, and txt export methods in the favorites dialog, but neither exports the GUID.

Do you have an API/COM interface available to access the dat file or can you suggest another method?

If it's not possible to retrieve the GUID from the dat file could we specify the GUID in an import file?


Hello ..

The only way right now to see the favorite id is in the Edit Favorites window (Menu: Favorites -> Edit Favorites). Then enable the column "GUID" in the list control.

What kind of application are you working on and for what purpose? There is already an unofficial API which allows you to "easily" create transfer queue item objects for SmartFTP.


Hi Mat,

Thanks for the reply. I actually want to do a couple of things.

Firstly I would like to add favorites programmatically from a third party SQL database, and then add items to the Transfer Queue for these favorites. The reverse is also true, if the item is deleted from the SQL DB then it would be deleted from Favorites and transfer Queue.

It would save us a lot of double entry/handling of data into two systems.

I know I can load Favorites using the import method which works fine, it does require some human handling but that

Hello Nigel ..

Please contact me by email (sales attt and I can provide you with more information.