Newbie advice needed

I am entirely new to this, so I am just seeking good general startup advice.
I have a host and am building webpages using SiteStudio. All that is fine.
I would like to upload some things and use them like this:
-have a small video play when I click a button on a page built thru site studio. This video would have to be stored thru FTP.
-have the ability to have webpages built thru another pg like coolpage, upload the page thru FTP, then have a link to that page built ONTO the main webpage built thru site studio.
Example: open my main webpage in site studio, a button there says "camping", then when you click on that button it opens the site stuido page. On that page is a link to a page built and store on the FTP.
Reason for all that is, me being a newbie, I am having to use site studio because I don't understand HTML...yet. If you build a page thru SiteStudio, it AUTOMATICALLY creates a button for every page.I want to put information on my site, but not have a WHOLE bunch of buttons pertaining to every little page. Store the page on my server and just link to it as exampled above.

I would appreciate any startup advice, constructive, to this effort. Actually and advice pertitant to SmartFTP starting would be good. I intend on watching the tutorials for sure.