Invisible folder

Total amateur. I had problems uploading a file and startet messing with chmod - now I cant see my subfolder with the files. Anyway to reset this plz? Like if I try 2 make a new folder I get this message:
[18:55:32] 200 NOOP command successful.
[18:56:20] MKD attester
[18:56:20] 550 attester: File exists

Hi, you must contact the admin of your ftp site.

OK, thx, I will. It is

Found the answer!

Waiting for help from my ISP is useless, and when U get through they say they'll try to look at it in the next couple of days - or recommend that I just make a #2 folder with the same content. So I go at it again. going through the CHMOD-flash I found the solution.

Custum Commands - Micellaneous - CHMOD - 777 - "Name of directory"

Voila the hidden folder and files reappeared!

Why don't it work with the right click Properties/CHMOD choice, ticked for folder, subfolders and files?

The problem with the CHMOD is that some server need quotes and some server not arround the filename:-(