quick question on usage


I am used to CuteFTP Pro, so perhaps I am not doing something right..... here is what I want to do...

1) Drag files from site to local browser
- double clicking the file in the site browser would cause the file to transfer right away and not use the queue.
2) Have the file go to queue so I can download a batch of files later on when i am finished browsing
- Have it save the destination path in the queue based on whatever folder I dragged it to in the local browser window.
3) Start the queue when I am done.

Currently the way I see it working......

1) Drag file from site to local browser
- the file starts transfering right away, not putting it in queue


- Drag file to queue, but it will put in the default download folder in there. I could right click on the file in the site and have it browse to a folder i want it to go to... but this is a long way around it and someone a pain in the butt.
- I could change the download path after the files are in the queue, but again that is somewhat of a pain in the ass.


Is there a way that if i add items to the queue it wont start to transfer the files right away? I could click on the pause button or whatever, however that pauses any other transfers from other sites I have going.