sorry if this is a stupid question

ok im not really sure how to use this program, and im kinda getting lost here (trying to do this myself)

i just got a new computer and i wanna transfer all the stuff from my old one without running back and fourth or wasting all my discs), can some one tell me if its possible to do it with this program or with any thing...? maby how to do it would be nice too

ps: as of right now, i cant figure out how to have them both on the net at once. i have the router hooked to both already, they both came on with a message that said there was connection problems or sumtin when i plugged this computer in, now the other computer is constantly trying to connect to the net (or at least trying to find the connection)...idk if that complicates anything....?

First of... SmartFTP is a Client to Server transfer program, not Client to Client. You must setup a FTP server on other computer if you wish to access it with SmartFTP.

ok, is it hard to set up a server?

acctually can i like take an external hd and just copy everything though that?