Does SmartFTP work on Geocities Plus sites?

I'm working on a site for my friend Amy, and she's asked me to put CuteNews on the front page as well as design/code the entire site. I've gotten the design/coding done, but CuteNews has been a pain because you have to FTP cutenews to a site rather than uploading it. Well, I can't login to her site on FTP. Her site has been paid for on Geocities, so she's a "Plus" customer, meaning her usual URL, has become (notice how the underscores turned into dashes). Well, I've tried every combination on SmartFTP. I've tried logging into the ftp address and with the usernames,, and None work. I'd greatly appreciate some feedback because I feel like pulling my hair out right now.

Thanks yall.

Hello ..

SmartFTP works with any FTP server. If you need technical support please purchase a license.
Thank you.