public_html and www


I've just taken over the running of our local sports club web site and my learning curve is getting steep!! I've made some mods to my HTML and used SmartFTP to copy to the web site but I'm unsure of the relationship between public_html and the www directories on the web site.

As an example, I've copied a modified layout to public_html and it then appears in the www directory. However, when I launch the web site, the modifications are not displayed.

Within SmartFTP, I've opened the modified HTML in public_html and the change is displayed but it doesn't appear when I go into the web site itself.

Thanks for your patience!!


Hi Mike,

I'm not very knowledgeable about smartftp so I'm not sure what "public_html" and the "www directory" mean - but I have one suggestion: have you remembered to empty the cached pages / temporary files so that your browser is forced to download the latest version from the site? In MS Internet Explorer, for example, the default is that all pages you view are copied into temporary storage , and next time you visit the site it actually loads from the local copy instead of the web. Maybe this is the cause of your problem.