Dragging and dropping hit and miss

Hi I am editing web pages in Frontpage, and dragging them to the upload site. Usually this works, but on the page I've just finished editing, I have a BUY NOW button with a link to paypal. It works when I test it before uploading the page (i.e it goes to the relevant PayPal web address) but when I upload it the BUY NOW button has no link associated with it (the cursor does not turn into a hand)
So, I copy the page back to my PC and in Frontpage I find it DOES actually work. I've checked the hyperkink is correct, but it seems that when I upload the page, the hyperlink doesn't go up with it!
As I need this link to work, I'm getting desperate! Does the SmartFTP site have any in depth help areas, or is it just those pretty tutorials?