Local Browser - How do i get it?

I have just downloaded the newest version of SmartFTP, which should have a Local Brower on it.

But, i can't seem to find a way of using this feature, all i have is my website browser.

I was hoping to have it with the Local Browser on one side and my website browser on the other side, just like in this screenshot:

Can anyone tell me how to enable this feature?


File-> New Local Browser

Thanks for that, i've done it now.

I actually feel a little stupid for not checking the File menu.

I have done this and it shows my server side on the left hand side and my local computer on the right hand side...

Is there anyway to have the local computer show up on the left hand side instead?

I come from a WS FTP Professional environment and would like to try and get this somewhat close to what I am use to using.



Hi, goto Window->autolayout->local left.

Thank you so much, I think Im beginning to like this program better than WS FTP PRO.

Lots of rewrite and time out errors with WS.