Version checking/updating problems

so.. i had this nasty " file exist " bug..
then i browsed forums i found new version , i was ehm .. okey i had latest..

oh and poster says 2.0.998,4 , i click on link
and i download 2.0.998,9

cool. i see my file exist options works.. didnt before.. such pain

then i go check updates

SmartFTP Client Update Check

Version Installed 2.0.998
Latest 2.0.997 Change Log

Your version is newer than the one available here.


so i go to homepage . use dl and i get 2.0.998,4 version for download

so, is it badly updated ? buged.. or noone realy care to put things up to date

It's your misunderstanding which you got confused.

What you have downloaded is the latest beta version.