how to force lower case names?

I use an ancient DOS word processor that saves file names in all cap letters. Is there a switch in SmartFTP that will force these files to land on the remote server with lower-case names?

If I go Tools / Settings / Transfer / Files and under Auto Rename set the Upload box to read *Lowercase*, nothing changes. If I change each of these boxes to read *Lowercase*, still nothing changes!

thanks - Dan

Is the FTP server also running under DOS? :-)

Is the FTP server also running under DOS? :-)

No, Windows XP.

I was having trouble trying to force lowercase in SmartFTP 2.5 using the Auto Rename feature under favourites (Tools > Settings > Favourites > Edit (button) > Files).

I discovered that all I had to do to make it work was close the connection I had and then reconnect, if that doesn't work for you then close SmartFTP then open it again.

You can also set favourites as server specific by changing favourite properties for the connection in question. You go to Favourite Properties > Files and it's under the heading Auto Rename, and there are options for Upload, Download and Server to Server case changes.

Hope this helps someone, I was searching the web for a good while trying to work out why it wasn't working.