It Says That It Is Free....

The add says that SmartFTP is free for Personal and Educational users. I got a 30 day Buy Licence reminder that says if I am using the free unlicensed version to simply ignore the license reminder. I clicked OK and proceeded to upload. Nothing is uploading. What is happening here? Is it just free for a 30 day period for Personal and Educational users as well? I don't want to spend church money if it is free.




It seems that the reason SmartFTP would not upload the file is that my alloted space (MB) had been exceeded. I experimented with removing a few pictures and suddenly SmartFTP started working again. I just took over this web site duties and obviously will have to look into the situation a lot further. Thanks for your troubles anyway.


Hi, download the last build from my signature to fix your problem.

Aokromes, thank you so much for your help. I've found the latest version and it really helped. Finally, SmartFTP works again!