Rename destination file on collision

I'm so far very happy with SmartFTP, after been using many other FTP clients in the market. Somehow I still find something missing, which to me, could be very useful.

I often need to patch/update the files in my sites, usually for security updates, or version upgrades etc. Usually I would backup the entire site before I perform the patching, but in one particular case, the size of the site has grown too big, backing up all files becomes a little time consuming.

Now I'm thinking if it is possible to make SmartFTP rename the destination files automatically during upload, for example, add an extension to the end of the file (index.php becomes index.php.060904). That way, should anything bad happens due to the patching, things can quickly be reverted by renaming the files back to their original names (of course, the newly uploaded files can be easily identified and removed).

I thought this makes life easier, but if any of you have better ways to deal with this without using the above feature, please share with me. I hope I can hear some good news before the backup of 1.2GB of files is completed.