You've probably seen this before...

It means either my username or password is wrong, right?

Um... it should be the username and password at the forum I'm trying to connect to, right?

Nothing different? Because I know that the username is right, and I just copy and paste the password so I know that should be right too. Yet it's mean and won't connectify.

Any suggestions? Ideas? Pie?

Well, having a forum account don't means having a ftp account.

Ok, so it isn't the forum account...

An FTP account? That isn't this forum, right? >_> Or is it?

Well, i don't know where are you trying to connect, but if you are trying to connect to with the login and password of the forum it don't goes to work, only anonymous access is avariable.

No, I'm trying to connect to somewhere else. All I need to figure out is what the username and password is supposed to be.

By the way, if it isn't oblivious, my current question is, how do I find out what the username/password is?

I read somewhere on the forum about contacting the service providers or something like that...

Y'know, I'm not going to stop asking until I get an answer.

A friend of mine paid to get a forum yet it won't work because we need to use this FTP stuff to upload smilies to it which is stupid because we can't get it to work!

Um so I need an answer.

Well, we are not wizards, we can't know the login or the password of a unknown ftp server, you must speak with the tech support of the FTP SERVER, no the FTP CLIENT.