530 User shefasha cannot log in.

I get this error when I try connecting to my server.
The password and username are correct, I know it because I can log in to the server using the same username and password with another ftp program.
This is my log:
[23:54:18] Resolving host name "win10.webgatedns.com"
[23:54:18] Connecting to Port: 21
[23:54:18] Connected to win10.webgatedns.com.
[23:54:18] 220 Microsoft FTP Service
[23:54:18] USER shefasha
[23:54:18] 331 Password required for shefasha.
[23:54:18] PASS (hidden)
[23:54:19] 530 User shefasha cannot log in.
[23:54:19] Active Help: https://www.smartftp.com/support/kb/51
[23:56:39] 421 Timeout (120 seconds): closing control connection.
[23:56:39] An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host.
[23:56:39] Client closed the connection.



Well, obviously either your username or password *is* wrong. When if works with another FTP client, you misspelled it when entering it into SmartFTP.

No, That's not the reason.

Then the server is probably misconfigured so it does not recognize your account. Are you loggin in with the other client while you try to login with SmartFTP? If yes, try to login with SmartFTP only.