I have a problem with my hosting company. They claim to support FTP over SSL (FTPS) but it hasn't worked for me. They (of course) claim that it's my problem not theirs but the evidence points to their server.

I'd like a few other people to test. If it doesn't work for a few other people than I have the evidence to (maybe) get my hosting company to fix the problem.

So, if you'd like to help, please connect to...

Host = ftp.rowdydogsoftware.com
User = FtpTest1
Pass = FtpTest1

...using "FTP over SSL (Explicit)" and send the log file to "FtpTest1@rowdydogsoftware.com". If you don't mind, please also include your general location (e.g. City, State).

After a few people have tested, I will be happy to reveal the results and the identity of the hosting company.

Thank you so much for your time and help,