Reported throughput performance


I'm considering using SmartFTP as a benchmarking tool to measure throughput performance. SmartFTP is a good candidate because of its excellent UI, plus all transactions, including throughput, are logged. Througput performance is displayed in both the GUI log using two different formats. The results of these two formats are never exactly the same. I am trying to understand why there is a delta...and/or which of the two results I should rely on for measuring data throughput.

Here is an example of an entry from the application logfile following a 1MB file transfer:

r 08/17/06 19:50:50 FTPD:System:0016:data:0002 (User=21474836485 Anonymous-->Visitor-->System ) [FTPDataSocket::OnTransferComplete()] Uploaded file "file://c:\Program Files\War-ftpd\FTPRoot\test_dir\1MBfile". 1000000 bytes in 4.74 sec. (205.809 Kb/s)

The first benchmark states that 100000 bytes were sent in 4.74s
1000000/4.74s = 210.970 KBps

The second benchmark reports a throughput of 205.809 Kbps

Why the difference? Which one should I believe?

The GUI reports the throughput twice for each transaction. They are never the same either??

Any insight is appreciated.

Figured it out. For one result K=1024 while for the other a K=1000