Scheduled Upload

Hi All,

Hopefully my Topic Description is wrong. Here is the scenario; I have SmartFTP Client (free version), I also have a broadband connection and a hosted web site. My web site comes with an Ftp account. So I thought that it would be a good idea to schedule a backup of my data to be transferred to my ftp account at 0200 each night. I always leave my PC on so this should just happen. However other people do use the PC for homework, surfing, etc. so I cannot be sure that they won't accidentally close down SmartFTP. Not a problem I thought, what I'll do is set a Windows Schedule event to launch SmartFTP at 0100 to ensure that it is running when the upload is scheduled to happen.

I left it last night with SmartFTP closed down expecting to find that the files had uploaded this morning. This isn't the case. I look on my ftp site and there are no files uploaded. I launched SmartFTP and found that the files were sitting in the Queue and reporting that they are scheduled to upload on 17th August 2006 at 0200 (seven hours after that time). I checked Windows Scheduler and it reports that the scheduled event did take place.

Am I missing some obvious element to this?

Any advice will be greatly appreciated.