v1.x to v2.0 Upgrade/Licensing

I have a 1.x license I purchased back in 2004, and recently downloaded and installed v2.0.

The old license data still appears in the About box - is this really valid for v2.0 or do I need to purchase a "Maintenence and Support" license?

This depends whether the maintenance of your license key is expired or not. You can check the maintenance expiration date on the following web site:

This would also be the place to renew your maintenance (17.95 USD for 1 year).


Thanks for the quick reply.

OK, my license has expired, so I need to purchase a new one. Additionally, the program splash states "Your current license doesn't allow you to use this SmartFTP Client version." prior to launching.

Now, am I to assume that after licensing v2.0, I will need to pay an annual licensing fee from here on out to receive minor upgrades (2.x)? Will I receive the above karma message in the future even if I don't upgrade beyond v2.0.997?

I'm not trying to be a weasel here, as I certainly believe in paying for quality software. However, I do not find this product to be similar to say, an antivirus program where you pay an annual subscription fee for continual daily updates throughout the year. While a major revision in SmartFTP (v2.0) certainly warrants a new license or upgrade fee, I would consider minor revisions to be primarily bug fixes that should be included in v2.x licensing throught the support cycle of v2.0, be it 1 year or 5 years.

Or am I totally misguided and missing the intent?

Thanks for your insight.

If a specific version of SmartFTP once ran with your license, it will always run with your license no matter if your maintenance expired or new versions of SmartFTP came out in between. You just have to stick with your old version and not upgrade to any version that was released after your maintenance expired.