Loading Problems

This is likely (well definately) caused by some other software I attempted to install and uninstall
The other software was some webcam thing and during the uninstall, removed some other files
(MSVCR80.dll being one of them - which is required by MSN Messenger it would seem....)

Anyhow, just some history that may help someone to assist me here....

When attempting to start SmartFTP, I get an error dialog box which states:

Failed to create sfFTPLib::FTPConnection. hr=80040154

Ideas and/or suggestions?


What OS are you using?

Install the latest version of SmartFTP:

If it still doesn't work. Open the command prompt (Run->cmd.exe). Go to the SmartFTP application folder (the folder where the SmartFTP.exe is) and enter "regsvr32 sfFTPLib.dll".


Hello ...

It looks like there is a problem with your operating system.


The more I've researched it, the more I'm becoming aware of that
Seems it most likely has something to do with .NET 2

And of course I have a Dell so no winXP CD to fix any of this

Thanks for your help anyways

The problem is not related to .NET.


The problem is not related to .NET.


Actually it was ... and they gave me a fix for msn messenger

They had me remove msnmsgr.exe.manifest from the msn folder and it started fine

Now for my smartftp and a few other programs........