transfer problems

Everytime I try to upload a folder to a friend's server, I seem to lose the transfer between each individual file. Is there a setting in SmartFTP somewhere I'm missing?

Thanks so much...


Forgot to add that when SmartFTP does the "Remote file exist check", I see "No such file or directory" after the size of each file. Then I see "Entering passive mode" among a few other lines, and then the file transfers. I'm confused.

Please search the forum, this is normal behavior. SmartFTP first checks if (parts of) the file is / are already on the server to resume it. If not (i.e. the file is not found), the file is uploaded completely.

I did search the forum, but found nothing along the lines of my issue - that I must restart an entire transfer (and go through and tell it to skip file after file) after each file has finished within one folder. Doesn't seem like "normal" behavior to me. I never had this problem with earlier versions of the software, on any server.

Thanks anyway!