Uploads delete original source files! Help please!

Help (please!)..... Everytime I use SmartFTP to upload a file, the source file on my computer is corrupted after the transfer

SmartFTP does NOT corrupt your local files. The files are opened read-only. Therefore there is no way SmartFTP can modify your files when it's uploading them to the server.


I appreciate your trying to help, but believe me: every time I upload a file using SmartFTP, the original source file IS definitely corrupted.

I've uploaded a 10 MB PDF file three times, and each time, after the upload, the original 10 MB source file is reduced to 1 KB. If I try to open that 1 KB file using Acrobat Reader, I get an error message saying that the file is corrupted. Before the upload, the 10 MB source file opened just fine. After the FTP upload, there no longer exists a 10 MB file on my hard drive.

So now, every time I use SmartFTP to upload, I have to replace the corrupted small file with a copy of the original 10 MB file. Fortunately, I have two hard drives, and keep a backup copy of the source file on the second hard drive and so can restore it.

Windows Explorer shows clearly that, after the FTP upload, the original source file has been decreased in size from 10 MB to 1 KB.

If anyone has any suggestions, they would be very welcome. Many thanks.

Well like Philosopher I too have experienced this problem. Very new to SmartFTP upload a file last night and lost 6 weeks work, it reduced from 151 Mb down to 1 KB and also reported a corrupted file. Fortunately I was able to rebuild the file. Copied it this time to another folder, tried to upload again and again it was stripped down to 1 KB. Now I am currently uploading for the third time but having read the tutorials - nice by the way. I am using the queue system rather than trying to do it manually this time.


Redsquare, thanks for posting about your experience. Losing 151 MB is a HUGE frustration, and you were certainly fortunate to be able to rebuild your file!

I hope SmartFTP will sharpen its smarts, since this is about as serious a problem as any file transfer software can possibly have!!!

If I remember correctly, the loss of a huge amount of data occurred with me when I was using the manual-direct method, rather than queing.

I hope SmartFTP's staff gives this problem the attention that is due it, before it's too late for other customers.

Hello ..

Stop spreading false claims without any proof. Once again SmartFTP cannot and does not write to a local file which is opened for upload.

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