uploading entire folders ?

I am trying to upload an entire folder to my web server. However when I upload, it only lets me select files... but not folders. I have tried making new folders within each folder, to upload the php script and all it's folders... but it's taking FOREVER this way.... since there are so many sub-folders for it. Is there a way to upload the entire main folder all at once to my web server ?? ANYONE ??? THANK YOU !!

Are you trying to upload a phpbb board? I had a problem where, if I tried to upload each folder (or even the main folder), it only uploaded some of the files. I suggest creating each folder one by one - it doesn't take as long as you think. Though I'm certain this must be a bug... but yeah, to upload the entire main folder, just drag-and-drop. If it doesn't work, you must have a problem with smartFTP.