Uploading files


Iv recently turned to smart ftp, iv been using it for about a month now, and way when ever i modify something on my pc, then upload it, things always go wrong, i thought it was me, not understanding it properly, well this morn the same thing happened so i went back to using dreamweaver altho i dont like it much coz messes things up, i uploaded the file i needed and it worked perfectly!! Im thinking theres summat wrong with smart ftp, im using version 2.0 I drag and drop the files, i have recently downloaded all my files using the global queue and that seemed to work fine, but only used that coz it wouldnt work when i drag and dropped it was only doing some of the files! Could anyone tell me whats happening or maybe i need to update the version or something, but im gettin a lot of errors on my website coz of this, i even do back ups of files just incase i do go wrong and they dont work when i upload neither! Im totally confused with this

Karen x