Possible to synchronize Server Changes to Local Computer - but how?!

The KB article on "Synchronize" says it is possible to synchronize Server Changes to Local Computer (as well as the other way) - but when I plunk some files down on the Transfer Queue and click Schedule I get a dialog that has an option to "Monitor Local File" and an explaination that says if the "local file changes", then the queue iten is processed.

I take this to mean that it ONLY sends local files to the remote server when the local file is updated.

I do NOT take this to mean that when the local file stays the same, but the remote server is more recent, then the server file will be brought over. Is this what you meant to say? If so you might change your wording a bit.

If not then how do I update my local copy when the remote files change? This is what I'll generally be dealing with, just wanting to back-up the server files.

I'm cautious as I'm new to this program and do not want to zap my work on the server.

My server is using Genie6 v3.8 so it can do the MDT (or whatever command that does the required directory listing) and it is enabled in my settings (basically the defaults).

If I can get this to work fine, then I'll only have to download the modified files each day which saves bandwidth charges and is super nice! I suppose I need to use the FTP Program Library toolkit thing to have the download append a date/time on to the download directory (thus creating a new dir) so I can keep a record of changes, right?

Anyway, thanks so much again. Super job Mat!

Also I suppose one needs to have SmartFTP running continually in the background to do this - or does it install a service too that is always available?

From the silence, I presume that the doc is wrong and it really isn't possible to use SmartFTP to only backup modified files from the server. Too bad as this would be a neat feature!

Hello ..

When you add files to the queue for download, SmartFTP will only download the files from the remote server which are not equal to the files on your local computer. The SmartFTP client makes the decision whether a file is equal or not by comparing the checksum/hash value of the local and remote file. Checksum/Hash support is provided by the FTP server with commands like XCRC, XMD5, etc. Gene6 which you mentioned in your post supports all the required commands/features.


Are you saying that SmartFTP does this always, automatically, without having to configure or enable anything?

And where is the KB article on synchronization - I can't find it..

Thanks - Rowan