More feedback on usability

First off, I think I last downloaded/used this back in 2002. WOW: you have made major & dramatic enhancements. THANKS!!!

In regard to the pinned topic about ease of use, I found some terminology confusing my first hour:
- What's a browser mean?
- What's a local vs. remote browser?
- What's direct vs. a queue?
- I've seen Global Queue referred to, but can't find it, only Temporary Queue & Transfer Queue

Now that I've played around with it an hour and took the time to go through the flash tutorials I realize these are perfectly obvious terms and I'm not sure how to improve them, but think you might consider:
1) a wizard (like WinZip?)
2) Either use tooltips or tab headings (at least initially) or tab heading tooltips with slightly more verbose explainations (e.g. instead of "remote browser" I think I would have understood "Browse files on remote computer" considerably better. People unfamiliar with computers might appreciate use of synomyms instead: explore or look instead of the techie 'browse' word.)
3) Similarly consider using a few synonyms when describing the word queue, though I'm not coming up with anything right now.
4) a single page tutorial (much faster to read than sitting through the flash tutorials, though those are fine for less savy folk) with about half a dozen steps for either upload or downloading files.

Also I knew an anonymous connection wouldn't work so kept trying to get rid of tabs with that word on it (all of 'em!) and still don't know why that word is sitting there after the username/pw/port values for the non-anonymous connections that I'm using.

Finally (for now), I wanted to assign a local folder where everything from the remote server would get downloaded to. Right-clicking on the remote server name, I can't get Download - Queue - Local Destination - Select Folder... to work. The directory picker never comes up. The picker only comes up (for me) when I do this FOR EVERY BLOODY folder under the root. And then it is downloading the "db" directory (which I pointed to my local c:/ folder, say) to c:/ and "logs" to c:/ I'm apparenlty using this wrong, but wonder still what I did wrong.

These are nits, but hey the whole FTP concept is daunting to non-techies, so you gotta be as smooth as you can! Fortunately this is just a matter of a few tweeks now. This is a super nice client and I'll be using it as my default now!