More on Smart FTP

I am thinking whether to buy this software or not... mainly i need to know if it will satisfy all my needs...
I am using UNIX and LINUX server to do auto transfer of files. we are looking for a unix based tool to help us do it more effectively.

1. Can i use my c-shell script in this tool to transfer?
2. can i schedule my transfer
3. will it resume if the transfer stops half way?
4. will it cost me too much to buy this software?
5. Any local vendor in Singapore to contact regarding this tool?

Please show me more light on this tool... so that i can help my company decide on this better...

Gayathri Narayanan

CIM Engineer


1) No, you can't use scripts.
2,3) Yes, you can ussing global queue for it.
4) Look
5) you don't need to buy on a shop, you can buy it online.