Login and password details stored/displayed by smartftp

I often use Smartftp at the college where I teach on various different computers. Is there a way for me to specify that I do not want it to store the Login and Password that I am entering? Right now I have to remove the program entirely from Windows and re-install each time, to be sure that my Login and Passwords are not compromised by the next person who comes along to use the program on the same machine. Right now, as soon as I (or anyone who happens to start the application) will automatically be connected to the last address used by Smartftp and the same login and passwords will be used. This is a serious problem for me because I connect to my own computer at home and I certainly do not want others to be automatically connected with the same privileges.

Hi, edit the favorite and enable "don't save password on exit".

Hi, edit the favorite and enable "don't save password on exit".
Thnx forf the speedy reply ... but I do not see where to enable this?
I presume it will be in the Properties ... but I have gone through Properties very carefully .. can't see it.
Please give me more explicit instructions.

Right-click on the corresponding entry in the "Favorites" menu, choose "Properties" in the context menu, in the upcoming dialog under "General" check "Don't save password on exit".