Cannot transfer site settings (usernames and pwds)

Hi I am trying to upgrade from an old Smart FTP version to the latest, and am having difficulties with the backup tool. It will not enable the NEXT button on the restore settings because the backup file created is a .CAB, while the new backkup tool looks for a zip file. I tried renaming the file but it didnt work either. Any suggestions? My current version is 1.1.984 ( i told you it was old )

I am trying to get the settings off a leased laptop that needs to go back to the manufacturer, and transfer them to a new laptop. If i just reinstall the new version over the top of the old, will it retain my settings? Could i then run the backup tool and import the new settings onto the other machine?


The new version will import your old settings (favortites, queue and custom commands). All other settings cannot be imported.