My Portable SmartFTP Loader

I have compiled an AutoIT Script that I put into my SmartFTP dir to help in making it portable.

First you will need to do a few steps in prepping for SmartFTP to be Portable.

Create a DIR on your USB drive called \SmartFTP then create 3 subfolder \SmartFTP\AppData and \SmartFTP\Favorites and \SmartFTP\Cache

Copy all of your Windows User Profile Data from %AppData%\SmartFTP folder over to \SmartFTP\AppData and move the Favorites content out of \SmartFTP\AppData\Favorites to \SmartFTP\Favorites and dont worry about the Cache Data unless you want/need it.

I have packed up my compiled script and exported windows registry data into a nice little zip file for download via if anyone would like to download it and check it out.

Note: Since I have not YET purchased a license for SmartFTP this has only been tested on the free/un-licensed version of SmartFTP. But anyone with the know-how to code in AutoIT can add there own Lic. Data into it.

I have plans to add all of the required entries into AutoIT Script but the way it is currently If saves all your settings if any are made when SmartFTP is run for later use. ...

Let me know what people think.



Your script works nicely and I have a licenced copy and I just needed to import the licence to the application on the USB Drive.

Thank you for posting. Nice idea.

A few comments:
- You should only save/delete/import the following registry key:
HKCU\Software\SmartFTP\Client 2.0 instead of HKCU\Software\SmartFTP

- FileInstall("registry.reg", "", 0)
This part is not reqired. SmartFTP automatically loads the defaults if the registry is empty. Also I think the registry.reg is not used at all in your script.


This link appears to be dead. Is there anywhere is thast this script is available as having a USB version of SmartFTP would be very useful.



Is there a way to also install the license file and safely remove it after using SmartFTP?

Copy the SmartFTP.key to your Application Data (\SmartFTP\AppData) files on your portable drive.


I didn't do it. I just entered the license key (the xml file) and it got copied there automatically, but thank you for the answer =)