Upload file have 0 bytes

I have tried to upload and re-upload the _border, _derived, and _private files but the files that have been uploaded keep showing they have 0 bytes in them. HELP!!!!!!!

[00:03:28] 550 20060610143720 form_results.txt: The system cannot find the file specified.
[00:03:28] SIZE form_results.txt
[00:03:28] 213 0
[00:03:28] MKD /wildcarpe@wildcarpet/LocalUser/Public/_private/_vti_cnf
[00:03:28] 550 /wildcarpe@wildcarpet/LocalUser/Public/_private/_vti_cnf: Cannot create a file when that file already exists.
[00:03:28] CWD /wildcarpe@wildcarpet/LocalUser/Public/_private/_vti_cnf

HELP!! Somebody please HELP!!!!