Is SmartFTP really free....?!?!?!

Is there a way to use SmartFTP without having to download the latest version? What if users like the old versions better? Why can't we continue to use the program without tons of messages saying please update to the latest version or something? Is there a way to do what I am asking?

There is no way to download SmartFTP 1.x anymore (however, you can make SmartFTP 2.x look very much like SmartFTP 1.x). The reason for discontinuing support for SmartFTP 1.x is that we do not want (unlicensed) users to ask support questions about it any more, probably about issues that have been long addressed in SmartFTP 2.x. We just want to focus all our energy on a single product for the sake of better support and development. That is also why we encourage everyone to move on to SmartFTP 2.x.

I think what he's saying is that after a few weeks of installation of a new version of smartFTP, the program keeps telling you should upgrade and rarely launch. Sometimes, I have to click 20 times on SmartFTP's icon to have one instance launched. Each 19 others just told me I should upgrade and did not launch Smartftp.
I don't want to have to download new versions every 2 weeks too myself.

Besides this notable inconvenience, SmartFTP is absolutely great !

EDIT: I found out that to disable the annoying notice is in fact a feature of the full version : ... e-f40.html
Now that makes sense.