Directory Recursion and Mulitple File Upload Problems

I think that SmartFTP is GREAT, probably one of the best ftp clients around, however I'm having a problem with directory upload recursion and uploading of multiple files.

I can select a directory to upload, and it seems to do ok, but when looking at the server I see that some / most of the sub-directories and files are missing.

I have also just noticed another problem. I selected two files from my desktop and started to upload. They were both around 5MB in size. After SmartFTP had finished however I saw that only the first file had uploaded.

What on earth could be going on here? This is so fundamental that I can't believe this is an inherent problem.



Believe me, there is no such problem in general. I transferred throusands / gigabytes of files in complex directory structures, and SmartFTP handles them fine. You're missing a lot of crucial information in your post in order to help you. E.g. the exact SmartFTP version, the way you transfer files (direct or queue), and finally the log.