Copying files to a new directory

I'm trying to copy some files to a new directory and it only lets me move, but not copy the files. Why? Do I need to change permissions on the files I want to copy?

By default FTP not supports copy on the server as many times described here, you need to open two connections to the same server and then copy it from one connection to the second connection.

After searching for "copy" I found this particular post. It was most helpful... As for this little digg "as many times described here, " I would think that if this were here so often, it would somehow end up in the FAQ of the support section of the website?????

Thanks again for answering it one more time though.

Have a great day.

i have tried this option and my connection fails

Any reason?

The server needs to support FXP, i.e. server to server transfers, for that. Many servers don't, though, for security reasons.