Why Constant Releases?

I'm curious about the seemingly drastic change in the SmartFTP release cycle. As I remember from old versions, there would be one stable version for a long period of time while betas were done. Now, it seems like there is a new "final" release every few days. Why has the release cycle changed so? I'm not complaining that updates are being done, however it's a major pain having to redownload and reinstall the whole app every week or so. 996 was released at the end of March, and we're already at build 32! Having to do a full download & install 20-30 times between May and June just to keep the 'final' release seems crazy to me.

Is there not enough testing being done? Are betas no longer being separated from the final branch? If the release cycle is going to remain the same, SmartFTP will definitely need a built in updater...the current process is getting out of hand, imo.

Hello ..

You don't need to install the new updates every week if you don't feel like. The recent updates are mainly small bug fixes which usually only affect a very tiny percentage of the users. But we think it's better to include these bug fixes into the final version. All bug fixes have been tested before they are released to public.