repeating upload

A newbie here-
I'm uploading images to several photo stock agencies. Most of them ask that the uploads be set to passive mode. For some reason once the file is uploaded it starts back at the beginning of the file and re uploads the file again and again. I don't know much about settings (slow learner)- I recall something about once the file is uploaded it's dropped into a vast holding bin. I suspect that SmartFTP is looking for confirmation that the upload was successful but the confirmation isn't there. Is there a way to set my uploads so that SmartFTP doesnt need the confirmation. I'd love it if I could queque up several upoloads and let it upload one after another. As it is now I have to catch it just after it finishes the upload- pause it then delete it then force the next in line to begin. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Be sure to upgrade to the latest build (see my footer) and post a log if the problem persists.