Connecting to SFTP/SSH

I have been using Smart FTP for some time now, but I have never previously connected using secure FTP. I have set up a connection to use port 22 and SSL Explicit. I cannot seem to get it to connect. Below is the log...

PS: I have tried other FTP applications and the first time I connect I have to answer 'yes' to store the server information in the cache. Looking at the smartFTP log it appears to be waiting for a response from me (client side).

Can anyone help?

[12:53:42] SmartFTP v2.0.995.3

[12:53:42] Resolving host name ""

[12:53:42] Connecting to Port: 22

[12:53:42] Connected to

[12:53:42] SSH-1.99-OpenSSH_3.9p1

[12:54:22] Timeout (40s).

[12:54:22] Active Help:

[12:54:22] Client closed the connection.

[12:54:22] Cannot login waiting to retry (30s)...

Don't confuse SSH/SFTP (which runs on port 22) with FTP/FTPS (which runs on port 21). So use port 21 instead.

Thanks eyebex.

Is it possible to connect to ssh (port 22) using smartftp? I have been able to do it with another application, but I'd prefer to use SmartFTP

Thanks eyebex,

After reading the other thread, I've decided to use WinSCP ( as it suits my needs for a graphical interface to my web server via an SFTP connection. I look forward to perhaps seeing SFTP support within SmartFTP in the future.