Password automaticaly entered, but I want to be prompted

Hi, my login details and password are always in place which means as soon as I open smartftp it accesses the site. Can I change this so my password is required before it logs on?

Thanks in advance.

Uncheck the "Save password" option in the according favorite item.

Hi, how do i do that? I've been looking for a few days.


uncheck Save Passwords

(that's assuming it's in your history, as opposed to your favorites... if it is in your favorites. see eyebex's post below)

In the main menu, choose "Favorites" -> "Edit Favorites". Browse to the favorite that is used to connect to the server (favorites are automatically created once you connect to a new server, these favorites go to the "Quick Connect" folder). Right-click on that favorite item (or press Alt-Enter) and in the upcoming dialog go to the "General" settings. There you will find a group box named "Login" where you can disable to save the password. Phew, that was a lot of text for a simple operation ;-)


uncheck Save Passwords
FYI, there no more is such a global setting in recent SmartFTP 2.0 releases.