FTP Copy?

I have:


I want the same content in the site2 folder without having to re-upload them... Is there a way I can copy files via ftp?


Just to clarify... I don't want to move site 1, I want a duplicate of site 1 in the site2 folder.

You can try connecting 2 times to the same server and drag and drop from source folder to target folder, if the server allows FXP the job is done, if the server don't allows FXP, bad luck.

I know this is a bit off topic, but...
Is there any way to do it via SSH Telnet?

Sure, just execute a regular copy command at the prompt: "cp fileA fileB".

Can you copy an entire directory to another location or only a single file at a time?
I'm a bit lost...

I did 'cd public_html'
Then I did 'dir' to make sure I saw the directories...
Then I tried it:

cp dir1 dir2
it said:
omitting dir1
nothing else...