Bug when overwriting file


At the moment i'm using Version 2.0.996 of SmartFTP and in this Version I recognized a Bug i had never had before. When I want to upload a file which alredy exists, there comes the "File Exists"-Window, where you can decide betweet "Abort" and "Overwrite". Above those buttons there are shown the details of the file, which I want to upload and of the one which is alredy existing on the FTP-Server.
The bug is, that the file details shown at "Existing File" are in reality the details of the File, which I want to upload and not those of the File on the server.

I hope this bug will be fixed soon!


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Momentan verwende ich die Version 2.0.996 von SmartFTP. Darin habe ich einen Bug gefunden, den es bei keiner bisherigen Version gab. Wenn ich eine bereits auf dem Server vorhandene Datei hochladen m

Hi, you can have diferent builds of SmartFTP 2.0.996 from .01 to .29 (atm).

Oh, I didn't know that there are also different Builds of Build 996. This is nowhere mentioned on the Homepage. Only in the ChangeLog you can find out that there are such "sub builds".
Did you originally mean that in the latest "sub build" this bug could be fixed or did you mean that it is?

It has been fixed about 2 months ago. The fixed build is available through the official links on our web site and on download.com.

As stated in the forum readme please always install the latest build from https://www.smartftp.com/download
before posting. It saves a lot of time for everybody.


OK, I will do so in future. Thanks for you help!