Downloading from an Upload Host

Sorry, I accidently posted this in the library section. Hopefully, this is where it belongs.

Years ago I remember having a problem in that every time I "right-clicked" to copy a shortcut both SmartFTP & my download manager (Net Vampire) would open wanting to receive the "pasted" link. This was resolved when Net Vampire created a "drag & drop" basket but I have a situation today where I want to paste the shortcut/download link into SmartFTP, but I can't get the "Paste" option to work. I have a web site which is used to allow friends and I to swap movies, albums, etc. via FTP. I also have a Premium Membership at RapidShare which gives me 3Gigs a day of downloads. What I would like to do is download the file from RapidShare directly to my web site rather than to my PC which would then allow all of my friends to download the same files via FTP from my web site. Problem is that with SmartFTP opened to my web site & even the folder where I want the download to go, the "paste" option is not available. I emphasize that the shortcut that I'm trying to enter is not an Html, it's the final .Avi, .Mpeg, etc. shortcut which would be no different from a file on my PC as all Passwords, etc. have already been transmitted to RapidShare. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated and thank-you for many years of FTP'ing.